20 yd.³ dumpsters Calgary junk removal

Compact 20 yd.³ bins are able to provide you with large capacity waste removal

1-403-397-junk? Provides junk removal in Calgary. Also, we provide Calgary junk removal in other areas like Airdrie, Okotoks and more.

397 junk? Provides a self service service as well for your junk removal needs. We have dumpster rentals that are used for a more affordable service. Our garbage bin rentals are easier to load then any other bins on the market.our service is an economical way to get rid of your junk. To throw away your old furniture, broken appliances, dirty carpets, damaged electronics, construction materials, renovation waste, and yard waste or anything else you can think of!.

our garbage bins come in many sizes. We have really big to really small and BINS right in the middle. You can rent our disposal bins that are 4 yd.³, 6 yd.³, 8 yd.³, 10 yd.³, 12 yd.³, 15 yd.³, 20 yd.³, 25 yd.³, and 30 yd.³ bins. You will never have to pay more than you need to. Our junk BINS have walk-in access and low wall dumpster, This makes them easy to load. You won't need to be in great shape church to get rid of some junk. 397 junk? Has waste disposal bins that are Driveway friendly. You don't have to worry about damaging or ash fault. Or for that matter, your concrete or your brickwork. We are the most affordable junk removal service that you'll ever find! We don't make you pay A fuel surcharge or any other hidden fees! You just load your furniture, your construction materials, appliances, carpets, and your electronics into our garbage bins and then you're done! 397 junk? Will take your been away and you'll be left with clean and lovely spaces in your basement, garage, your home, or your office. Contact us today for a free junk removal quote. You can book your dumpster online and when you get your garbage bin rental you will be happy you did.

Your junk removal service works when you use us. We offer a price match guarantee. When you order our services if you find a lower price anywhere that's identical, regular price service from any local competitor, we will match that price and we will beat it by 5%.that competitors price must be published on their website and available for viewing at the time of your booking garbage bin rental in Calgary. You will say that we are in amazing group of people. Each and every time you use us we will show up on time and we will be in a cheerful mood. We we will do the junk removal and dumpster rentals for another 12 years to come knowing that you the client are happy with the services that we provide you in a proper Calgary junk removal fashion.

This bin holds about 2.5 tonnes of waste on average. 

Can hold large renovation projects, appliances, toys toilets, silverware, small furniture, and even more.

  • Base Price $300
  • Dump fees applicable
  • Delivery and pick up
  • Up to 7 days usage
  • $5 per day over 7 days
  • additional taxes and fees apply
  • bin dimension is  14 by 8 by 4.5 feet tall

I need to hold my bin longer, or i need my bin removed sooner. What if?

We require 24 hours notice to allow sufficient time to adjust orders. holding a container longer could result in a rental fee being applied to your order. This is done only if it affects company's bin availability.

Will a large bin damage my driveway?

We seriously recommend the customer would protect any areas / surfaces that will be used as a base for heavy bin equipment.  A 4 by 8 foot sheet of plywood works for most medium to small size containers. The customer will affirm and bear responsibility concerning right of way provided by the customer. This invoice is directed to by the contractors request to review any and all info contained in this website/and or delivery questions in invoice. The customer is responsible to agree that the roll off container is sufficient to bear the weight of the contractors equipment.  Therefore the customer assumes every and all liabilities for damages to privately owned driving surfaces, their adjoining roads or subsurface route/pavement with which the contractor is appointed to provide service on thearby.

Can a bin be put on the front street?

permits may be required , check with local governing municipalities in your area.

How much room is needed to allow the bin to be delivered?

around double the height and width of the container ordered is recommended to provide sufficient space.

How do I cancel or change my order?

All changes are subject to sufficient enough time to cancel. Any order cancelled has the risk of a cancellation fee being applied. This fee is according to 680-BINS terms of service with the client.

What amount of Waste can it contain?

The 20 yard model can handle approximately 2 tonnes of waste.

  • Make sure you verify that your bin is adequate for the task you need it for. Size matters in this case. 

  • Orders for advance ordering must be allowed at least 1 business day to process.

  • All additional hauling will be billed at original quoted amount.

  • $150 will be charged as a trip rate if the customer is not ready to receive or remove a bin after truck is on site as scheduled.

  • If the customer cannot attend while the bin is delivered then the driver will place bin within his/her best judgement according to customers request. The liability is with the customer if the bin is not placed correctly however. There will be a trip charged back to the customer if the bin is needed to be replaced at a different point at the property.

  • The bins are charged for extra tonnage if the bin is over the agreed tonnage included.

  • All orders are processed by Visa / Mastercard or american express.

What are the materials not acceptable in waste bins?

Materials we do not accept:

  1. transmission oils
  2. tires
  3. televisions
  4. solvents
  5. railroad ties
  6. radioactive materials
  7. propane tanks
  8. contaminated lead paint chips
  9. contaminated/petroleum soils
  10. no liquids in paint cans 
  11. no paint in aresol cans
  12. no liquid which may become flammable
  13. oil filters
  14. moto oils
  15. computer monitors
  16. microwaves
  17. medical wastes
  18. lubricating oils
  19. hydraulic oils
  20. industrial waste products
  21. herbicides
  22. pesticides
  23. hazardous waste products
  24. food waste
  25. fluorescent tubes for lights
  26. dirt
  27. contaminated oils,solvents or gasoline
  28. computers
  29. chemicals and chemical products
  30. batteries
  31. barrels
  32. asbestos
  33. appliances
  34. antifreeze
  35. animals
  36. any/all liquids
  37. aerosol cans and products
  38.  Cubic Yard Container 
  39. 20 Yard Dumpster Rental Price 
  40. 30 Cubic Yard Dumpster 
  41. 20 Cu Yd Dumpster