frequently asked questions

Will the dumpster bag have costs associated with it?

 A bin bag will cost a small amount compared to using a full size metal dumpster.

Does Payless Disposal Inc. cover Calgary Alberta and surrounding areas?

Yes, we currently service Calgary, Okotoks, airdrie, and Strathmore.

How do I schedule my bag-bags to be removed and collected?

When you or your company is ready to remove the load all you have to do is call 403-680-2467 and we will send our truck to remove the dumpster bag.

What if I call to remove the bag and then need to cancel?

You only need to call us 1 day in advance to cancel the bin bag removal scheduling.

How fast will you remove my bag once we call in for dumpster bag removal?

We will remove your bag within 7 business days once you call it in for removal.

How do I pay for my bag - binbags?

Payments are made with the custome on an individual basis. We accept visa, master card, cheques, and / or cash.

What happens when the waste is removed. Where does it end up?

The dumpster bag is hauled to a licensed landfill facility where it is properly disposed of. Please note that improper materials loaded into the dumpster bag may have extra charges involved to properly dispose of unauthorized materials.

Who will collect my bin - bag?

Payless Disposal Inc. collects the bags and disposes of them in a timely manor.

Call us anytime at 403-680-2467 to order a binbag

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